CEO, Creative Minds Records

Teresa Zepcevski

Teresa Zepcevski is the founder and CEO of Creative Minds Records (A Fort Myers based indie record company).

With tremendous passion, extreme determination and pure integrity, she has built an astonishing reputation and has earned the respect of many locals in the community.

Teresa’s love for music started when she was just a little girl. Her Father was a singer/songwriter and a guitarist who would often sing songs by her side.

She also credits her mother’s side of the family because many of them are talented Bluegrass singers and musicians. This would certainly explain the avid relationship she has with music.

Teresa has acquired extensive mentorship over the years from some of the most elite entrepreneurs in business. She gained immense success in corporate business, which helped create the kind of balance needed to operate a record company.

Teresa has always been able to predict a major hit. Her instinct for good music & her ability to brand an artist puts her in a special category amongst other executives. Teresa works very long hours and enjoys what she does. She’s very hand’s on when picking the team to work with her artist(s), from the graphic designer, to the photographer, producer, booking agent, engineer, etc.

Teresa strongly believes that every talented artist deserves a shot at global exposure. She’s a firm believer in fair contracts for the artists, giving them a certain level of creative control, and providing heavy promotion and marketing when releasing a song or album. Being raised in South West Florida, Teresa would like to see more commercial success from artists in South West Florida, but she works with talent from everywhere in the country.

Before creating the label (CMR), Teresa spent quite some time booking local talent & ensuring that they get paid for their gigs. She did not take a profit, and just wanted to help some of the bands make consistent revenue, and was very successful at it.

Teresa credits Johnny Mars (Vice President of CMR), and considers him a great asset to the company. He has accompanied her since the beginning of the journey and also brings lots of experience, integrity, and loyalty to the label. He’s been instrumental to the progress and is considered to be a genuine friend.

Teresa has been fortunate enough to work with Grammy Award winning songwriters, producers, and filmmakers.

She is well traveled and has worked in state of the art recording facilities such as

Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Hit Factory, Miami, FL;  Audio Vision, Miami, FL; and Penthouse Studios, New York, NY; Platinum Sound, New York, NY; and Orange Glow Studios, Bonita Springs, FL.

She has also worked with established producers such as Ron Taylor, Criteria; Christopher Rodriguez, Sony; Jeff Tomei, Rockit Productions; Chaz Mishan, Universal; James Welch, Tesla; John Break; Canada.

Her legal team consists of Mike Nadler (New York, NY), David Bercerson, and Hilary Metz.

She appreciates the support of local professionals such as Ragen ST. Peier, Paul Easton, Ray Ershet, David Carlton Johnson, Scott Bush (Sony), Angela Patane, Paradise Marketing... and all the local talent in the community that support CMR.

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