Creative Minds Records is an independent record label that works in tandem with both established and upcoming music artist providing a platform for their development. We target emerging bands, artists, singers and songwriters and offer them a stage with which to showcase their talents, put together gigs, develop their promo kit, create their CD’s, and most importantly, get heard!

Give the Gift of Music

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CMR Promo Cuts

We have been in business for 25 years, assisting bands, singers, songwriters and musicians. Our roster of talents demonstrates our proven success in developing new musical talents. We are a solid foundation for bands and singers to grow and achieve the success they desire in the super-competitive music industry. Our in house recording professionals and designers are dedicated to helping up and coming talents to create their sounds and their image. Creative Minds Records street promo and marketing teams will take new sounds and deliver them to the ears of music lovers wherever they might be. We are also key players in the local music scene, sponsoring events, gigs, concerts, charity events and many other benefits, all of which present unique opportunities for our artists.


Based in Fort Myers, Florida, our team is comprised of unique talents who combine a wealth of music industry experience. One of our unique skills is in specializing in new, up and coming artist development through social media outlets and marketing/promotional techniques. We make use of a network of marketers, designers and strategists to develop not just the sound of a new band or artist, but their image as well. Once we’ve established a unique image for our artists, we aim to move them up to the next level through our artist network.

Not only do we provide bookings and promotions for our musicians, we also provide many other kinds of assistance:

Producing Sounds
Marketing your Image
Recording your Songs
Printing Promotional Materials
Distribution of your Products

Our Artist Receive Professional Sound Recording, Professional Video Creation, and Distribution as seen below.

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